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All main topics / Mobile Technology / Education / EDIT 202 - Week 11
Quick Response codes
Quick Response codes are codes that can be scanned by smartphones and other mobile devices and by doing so, it can take you to a website, or written text. These would be a great way for me to engage students of any age, because these codes are very easy to scan and it takes you to relevant information that is useful for the class. An idea I thought of to use these would be a scavenger hunt in my classroom. There would be QR codes around the class and when they scanned it, it would give them a hint, or a question which would lead them to another QR code. This is a really great way to let them play a game, but have them learning at the same time.
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Author: Kaitlyn Menard
Main topic: Mobile Technology
Topic: Education
Published: 25.11.2012




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