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All main topics / Health and Safety / Health & Fitness / Causes of Kidney Pain With Symptoms
In a person with flank pain, the combination of the following symptoms suggests a kidney disorder:

  • Pain over one or both kidneys (can be absent)
  • In general, kidney pain is not aggravated by the body movements or deep inhalation
  • Tenderness over one or both kidneys (can be absent)
  • Urine changes: frequent urination, cloudy urine
  • Nausea
  • Fever

Two other main causes of flank pain:

  • Muscle pain changes with the body movements.
  • Pain from abdominal organs also usually appears in the abdomen.
Tags: Differential diagnosis
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Author: richtree
Main topic: Health and Safety
Topic: Health & Fitness
Published: 15.09.2016




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