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EDU 304 Week 5 Final Paper (Ash)
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EDU 304 Week 5 Final Paper
Education - General Education
Final Paper
For the final paper, you will demonstrate an understanding of the complex set of issues that must be considered as you embark on your professional preparation to become a classroom teacher. In addition to the requirements of skills and knowledge, your own pedagogy is essential to your future endeavors. In this paper you will examine and discuss a variety of issues and trends in education and consider those issues in relation to your own pedagogy. Throughout the text the author has asked you to consider whether you are a good fit for this profession. A critical and in-depth discussion of each area must be included.
You will begin working on these areas through weekly assignments throughout the course. Address each of the following bullet points in your final paper:
Title Page: Title of your paper, your name, course name/number and date.
Thesis Statement: The focus of your paper.
Attributes of a Good Teacher: An analysis of at least five of the attributes presented in Chapter 1 of the text. Academic Standards/Assessment and Accountability: An in-depth summary of the role of academic standards in the teaching profession as well as an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of assessment in this age of accountability.
Diversity in the Classroom: A discussion of how teachers meet the needs of the broad range of diverse students in their classrooms.
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