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All main topics / BWL / Human Side of Innovation / HSI - Core
5 parts of Hackman's teamwork model
Organizational context
a context that supports and reinforces competent task work (reward, education, information)

group design
design that prompts and facilitates competent work on the task
(Structure of the task, Composition of the group, Group norms about performance processes)

group synergy mediator
assistance to the group by interacting to minimize losses and create synergies

process criteria of effectiveness
level of effort, knowledge and skill, appropriateness of task performance strategies

material resources mediator

group effectiveness
task out acceptable to those who receive or review it
capability of member to work together is strengthened
Members' needs are more satisfied than frustrated
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Author: Florian
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Human Side of Innovation
School / Univ.: TU Berlin
City: Berlin
Published: 13.07.2013




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