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Numble Free
If you have ever had the pleasure of playing the old school card game Rummy, then you will deeply enjoy playing the highly addictive turn based game, Numble. In Numble you will begin with 14 tiles with the main objective of the game to be the first player to play all of your tiles on the board in order to defeat your opponent. There are several different strategies in getting rid of your tiles by placing sets of three or more of the same number on the board, runs of consecutive numbers such as; 2,3,4 in the same color, or manipulate the board by playing off from your opponent in order to outnumble your friends and family. If you have tiles that can't make a move simply press the green check mark button to either receive 3 new tiles or swap out up to 10 tiles per game. Numble Free allows you to challenge opponents through Facebook, Twitter, screen name, or simply play against a random player. With it's easy layout and great in app tutorial, you'll have no problem picking up the game and beginning to play at ease.

Overall I found Numble Free to be a highly entertaining number game that really brings back the good old days of playing the card game Rummy with the family. The entire app is well put together with one minor exception that we would suggest by adding an AI opponent to give the user the ability to play through a game with a little added speed. Numble Free is currently available on the App Store for your iDevices so make sure to click the link below to download and begin playing today.
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