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All main topics / Medicine / Anatomy Foot / Anatomy 1, 12 (neck), 9 (eye)
what does the superficial fibular nerve supply in the foot?
mainly snesory  to most of the skin of the dorsal aspect of the foot

and exept for toe 1 and 2 ( innervated by deep fibular nerve, and skin of lateral side of the foot and litle toe ( sural nerve)

divides into medial and intermediate dorsal cutaneous neves
gives rise to cutanous branches along the way

terminates in common plus proper dorsal digital nerves taht supply skin of the proximal aspect of the medail half on the great toe and the lteral 3 and a half digits
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Author: Schnuschnax
Main topic: Medicine
Topic: Anatomy Foot
Published: 20.02.2010




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