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All main topics / Hebrew / Vocabulary / TELLING TIME
READ THIS SECOND: The basics of telling time in Hebrew
When the time is 31 minutes or more AFTER an hour, such as 4:31 - 4:59, the format for telling the time is "the hour is ב minutes until א hour, where "until" is lamed - hence

השעה ב דקות לא

Therefore 4:57 (3 minutes until 5) would be

השעה שלוש דקות לחמש

or ha-sha-ah shalosh dakot l'xamesh. (Note that if it is just 1 minute before, then it is דקה, dakah.)

4:45 would be a quarter until 5, hence

השעה רבע לחמש

ha-sha-ah reva l'xamesh (reva means quarter).

That's it! With these basics of format in mind, the Hebrew words you need to know are the numbers from 1 to 29, and the words for quarter, half, hour and minute(s). This set of cards has all of these, plus a few practice times from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew. So,

?מה השעה
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Author: George
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Topic: Vocabulary
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Published: 19.03.2010




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