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All main topics / Designtheorie / Information Design / Design Theory
List some rhetoric figures and explain their meaning
1. Alliteration > paragraphs starting with the same letters

2. Antithesis > combination of words which have high constrast

3. Metaphor > a comparison in which a characteristic of sth is transferred to another to understand better

4. Chiasmus > contrary words in combination

5.  Hyperbole > exaggeration of an expression

6. Oxymoron > combination of two words which exclude each other

7. Synecdoche > replacing one word with another which explains the meaning in the whole (Dach ├╝ber dem Kopf)
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Author: Anna Mar
Main topic: Designtheorie
Topic: Information Design
School / Univ.: Macromedia Hochschule
City: Hamburg
Published: 08.07.2014




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