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All main topics / BWL / Human Side of Innovation / HSI - Core
3 Parts of the "Between-Team Collaboration" Construct
  • (Workflow) Integration
  • > Negotiation and synchonization of technical issues, goals, priorities> informal and formal mechanisms
  • Commitment to Project (social integration)
  • >Responsibility for the overall project goals, project cohesion
  • Dysfunctional Conflicts (poltical integration)
  • > interpersonal, affective conflicts due to incompatible team goals, communication barriers, competition for resources
Tags: btc, deck 2, inter-team, twq
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Flashcard info:
Author: Florian
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Human Side of Innovation
School / Univ.: TU Berlin
City: Berlin
Published: 13.07.2013




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