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Part 3
The noise of the night pleases little even a big animal lover. Moreover, it interferes with normal rest for everyone around. It is worth following what exactly the dog barking at night reacts to. If you have cats running around the yard, just try to expel someone else's animal once or twice, stop leaving food leftovers that might attract him. Tell the dog to be silent if she barks at someone passing by, but let the alien, stranger bark at the entrance, this will mark for her the boundary “where to start barking”. Try to feed the animal tightly by night, consult your veterinarian about special sedatives that will not make the animal sleep, but reduce anxiety.
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Author: sirenagees
Main topic: What do pets need?
Topic: Pets' needs
School / Univ.: Biology institution
City: New York
Published: 04.03.2020




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