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what is bells palsy? 6
what is the cause? 1
how does the disease progress? 3
what are the four other symptoms of bells palsy?
-Paralysis of the facial nerve resulting in inability to control facial muscles on the affected side....
-or, idiopathic unilateral facial nerve paralysis
-Conditions that can cause a facial paralysis: brain tumour, stroke, meningitis, and diabetes mellitus.
-If no specific cause identified condition is known as Bell's Palsy.
-Most common acute mononeuropathy (disease involving only one nerve)
-Most common cause of acute facial nerve paralysis.

-No readily identifiable cause for Bell's palsy has been found, some evidence suggests herpes simplex type 1 infection may be responsible.

- Rapid onset of partial or complete palsy (usually within single day)
- Inflammation leads to swelling of the facial nerve.
- Nerve swelling and compression in the narrow facial canal lead to nerve inhibition, damage or death.

-Other symptoms:
-hypersensitivity to sound in the affected ear
-watering of the eye (“crocodile tears”)
-drooling from the mouth on the affected side and impairment of taste
-difficulty closing the eye on the affected side

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