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to be spoilted for choice: to have a lot of choices

deep down: profundizar

the crux of the question: el  kid de la cuestión /krʌks/

to rub shoulders with: codearse con

consistant: coherente

casualty:  /ˈkæʒuəlti/ a person who has died or is very badly injured
    Plural: casualties

   1. baja, muerte por accidente; Sinónimos: accidental death, death by misadventure
   2. víctima, herido, accidentado grave, persona que ha sufrido un accidente; Sinónimos: prey, victim, wounded person, badly injured person, injured person, sufferer, sport, person who has suffered an accident; Person who has suffered an accident. ; Someone injured or killed in an accident. ; Someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement.
   3. muerte en combate, muerte por la guerra; Sinónimos: death caused by war, death in combat
   4. accidente, contingencia; Sinónimos: accident, event, accidental event, contingency, mishap, contratemps, mischance; An accident that causes someone to die.
   5. baja, persona que se enferma súbitamente; Sinónimos: person who is suddenly ill; Person who is suddenly ill. ; A decrease of military personnel or equipment.

distressing situation: a very extremly unhappy, worried, upset situation

to strike a happy medium (to find a balance between two extremes- término medio)

He needs to strike a happy medium

Where do we draw the line? hasta qué punto llegamos?

right to information

morbid instincts
- this kind of thing brings out our...++
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