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All main topics / Law / Property / Property
i. What happens to families (language used)

ii. Begins: Euclid apt scenario- ABOUT PEOPLE’S LIVES
-Grandma buys house- going to pass it to youngest child when “he becomes a man” (fee simple)
-“Praise God”- 3 bedrooms, some will still share, but some get their own room
-just plain old house, built good and solid, but it will be ours, it makes a difference to a man when he can walk on a floor that is his own
-say good bye to old tired walls (to tenements)
5. ID ABOUT BEING IN APT DIFF THAN BEING IN HOME- better when living in home (personhood)
-Home is your castle- law will treat differently (entitled to compensation if gov taking)

iii. Zoning
-No colored people in Clyburn Park (nicest place for least amount of money)

iv.House- discovery of promised life

v.Clyburn Park Improvement Association
-We are just hardworking honest people who don’t have more than those homes and dream of community we can raise children in
→ man has right to have neighborhood he lives in certain type of way
→ people get along better when they share common background→ negro families happier when they live in own communities
→ cannot force people to change their hearts

vi.In End
-We come from a long line of proud people→
-Son makes 6th generation in this country (native Americans- no right to transfer)
-Decided to occupy→

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Main topic: Law
Topic: Property
Published: 17.04.2010




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