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Have you ever wondered how often you do certain activities in your day to day life? Well iKeepStats available over on the App Store is an app that allows you to track and monitor those activities directly from your mobile device. iKeepStats allows you to create daily events that you may like to keep tabs on with a simple swipe to add feature so you can add and monitor each time you do a certain action. A great example of tracking your daily activities would be the amount of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis. Simply create a new event, label that event, and quick swipe the slider to add each time you smoke a cigarette throughout the day. If you stay committed to tracking each time you complete a certain task or event, iKeepStats gives you a great amount of data over time so you can monitor how frequent throughout a day, week, or month you complete an activity by showing you a visual record. Overall I found iKeepStats to be a work in progress that can only get better in future updates with adding in some useful features. Don't get me wrong here, iKeepStats does exactly as it states however we'd like to see a better highlight feature, giving the user a clear idea of which activity is being displayed when choosing from the activity list. Another feature we'd like to see added would be a push notification from the app to remind the user whether or not they're staying committed to tracking events to get more accurate monitoring on daily routines. iKeepStats is currently available over on the App Store for $1.99 so make sure to click the download link below and start tracking your activities today. On a side note, I can see iKeepStats being a great tool for people who are looking to decrease or quit certain daily activities to possibly kick bad habits. - See more at:
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Author: freddywong
Main topic: Computer
Topic: Application
School / Univ.: Universit├Ąt Basel
City: Basel
Published: 08.05.2019




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