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Hoyt Team
1. to have goose pimples/flesh

2. my hair stood on end

3. umbilical cord

4. cerebral palsy  /ˈpɔːlzi/

    * cerebral palsynoun - parálisis

a medical condition that makes the muscles in your arms, legs, or face shake

5. selfless - desinteresado

6. iron man (race)

7. to endure
endurance - resistencia

8. he got over the problems
a problem overwhelmes you

9. to putt off - to postpone
to call off - to cancel

10. I am in hospital (ingresado)
I went at the hospital

11. to start from scratch

12. a trhiving business - a very successful one

13. the businneswent to the dogs - se fue al garete
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Author: sarapalacio
Main topic: Englisch
Topic: Vocabulary
School / Univ.: Privat
City: pamplona
Published: 01.03.2010




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