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All main topics / Law / Property / Property
FINDERS- 4 Kinds
Lost: owner unintentionally and involuntarily parts with it
-Not really statute of limitations

Mislaid:  owner voluntarily and knowingly places it somewhere but then unintentionally forgets it

Abandoned: owner knowingly relinquishes all right, title and interest to it
a. Mardi Gras→ labor involved in getting a good throw
-What if someone eyes you and throws you something, and then someone else grabs it→ more of a gift, not abandoned.
b. Leaving furniture on curb (but not patio furniture)→ custom

Treasure trove: owner concealed it in a hidden location long ago.  Usually limited to gold, silver, coins, or currency.

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Author: jackielen
Main topic: Law
Topic: Property
Published: 17.04.2010




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