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Teacher arrested
on suspicion of  /sə'spɪʃən/ (belief) sospecha f;
(mistrust) desconfianza f, recelo m;
he's under ~ está bajo sospecha

appeal  /ə'pi:l/  sustantivo

   1. countable (call) llamamiento m, llamado m (AmL);
      (request) solicitud f, pedido m (AmL);
      (plea) ruego m

to appeal verbo intransitivo

   1. (call) to ~ for sth ‹for funds› pedir(conj.⇒) algo;
      the police appealled to witnesses to come forward la policía hizo un llamamiento or (AmL tb) un llamado para que se presentaran testigos del hecho

   2. (Law) apelar

   3. (be attractive) to ~ to sb atraerle(conj.⇒) a algn

academic record(of performance, behavior): he has a good academic ~ tiene un buen currículum académico;

ethos /ˈiːθɒs/

   1.      the set of attitudes and beliefs that are typical of an organization or a group of people

      Working 12-hour days seems to be part of the company ethos.
      Synonyms: theory, culture, philosophy, ideology, doctrine.

rating /'reɪtɪŋ/  sustantivo

   1. countable or uncountable (evaluation): credit ~ clasificación f crediticia

   2. ratings pl (Rad, TV) índice m de audiencia

to feel forinformal (have sympathy for)

boarded up houses to cover a window or door with wooden boards

All the windows were either broken or boarded up

bushy tupido, espeso
bushy beard- ['bʊʃibɪəd]
hairy++ peludo

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