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Sliding Filament Theory of Contractions

Length of           and          do not change, only the bands/zone change size

         and           bands get smaller

         get larger

         lines move closer together

Width of           band remains constant
Length of actin and myosin do not change, only the bands/zone change size
H and I bands get smaller
Zones of Overlap get larger
Z lines move closer together
Width of A band remains constant

Thin filaments slide toward center of each sarcomere, alongside thick filaments

Sliding occurs in every sarcomere along myofibril:  myofibril gets shorter

Myofibril attached to sarcolemma at each Z line and at either end of muscle fiber, thus when myofibril gets shorter so does the entire muscle fiber
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Author: Rozen
Main topic: Biology
Topic: Muscle Tissue
Published: 09.05.2010




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