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All main topics / BWL / Personalwirtschaft / Management II
Explain Alderfelders ERG Theory.
   Needs                          Description                              Example

3. Growth                    Self-development,              continually improve
                                      creative work                           skills

2. Relatedness        Interpersonal Relations,         Good relations,
                                           Feelings                       accurate feedback

1. Existence              Food, water, clothing            adequate pay for
                                         and shelter                          necessities

After lower level needs satisfied, person seeks higher needs. When
unable to satisfy higher needs, lower needs motivation is raised.

In contrast to Maslow, a person can be motivated by needs at more than one level at the same time.
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Author: Egregius
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Personalwirtschaft
School / Univ.: Universit├Ąt Mannheim
Published: 11.03.2010




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