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All main topics / BWL / Personalwirtschaft / Management II
Describe Tuckman’s Five-Stage Theory of Group Development.
1) Forming: Definition of goal and tasks; allocation of resources (Task orientation / Test of behavioral patterns)

2) Storming: Redefinition of tasks and goals; Negotiating about approaches; Development of internal group structure; Conflicts may arise (Emotional reaction to tasks and demands / Internal group conflicts)

3) Norming: Collecting and interpreting Information; developing group cohesion (Open exchange of Relevant information)

4) Performing: The group makes decisions and further specifies its structure (Emergence of alternatives / Refinement of role structure)

5) Adjourning (Trennung): The group disintegrates
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Author: Egregius
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Personalwirtschaft
School / Univ.: Universität Mannheim
Published: 11.03.2010




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