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All main topics / Medicine / Anatomy / Anatomy 13, 10 (ear and trigeminal)
the pharyngotympanic tube connects the middle ear to what structure?
the frist third of the tube is made up of what and the rest?
with what is the tube lined?
what it the tubes function?
how can the tube be opened?
nasal meatus of the nasopharynx

. The first third of the tube is bony and the remainder cartilaginous, and the entire

tube is lined with mucous membrane continuous with that of the middle ear and the nasopharynx.

The pharyngotympanic tube functions to equalize pressure within the middle ear with atmospheric pressure (in the nasopharynx) and thus allow free movement of the tympanic
and the tube needs to be actively opened by contraction of muscles of the soft palate (levator veli palatini and tensor veli palatini). This is usually achieved during yawning or swallowing.
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