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explain the course of the facial nerve in twelv points
1 arises at the pontomedullary junction next to vestibulocolchlear (lateral to abducens) with a large motor root (media) and a smaller sensory (lateral , nervus intermedius)
2 it loops around abducens nuclesu in forth ventricle (loop called internal genu)
- internal genu creates facial colliculus (as it loops aroudn abducends, an elevation in the floor of the 4th venticlue, lesion here results in facial paralysis)
3 exits posterior cranial fossa through internal acoustic meatus
4 facial nerve and accompanying intermediate nerve pass though facial canal and there fuse to form the facial nerve proper
5 nerve enlarge sto become genniculate ganglion (contains cell bodies of sensory affernt neurons)
6 nerve continues through canal and gives off a branch to stapedius and chroda tympani (corda tympanie carries ribres to anterior 2/3 of tongue and pregangionic fibres destined for submandibular region
7 exits skull thoughj stylomastoid foramen
8 gives off posterior auricular nerve as it eremges from stylomastoid foramen (passes posterosuperiorlz to auricle of ear to supplz posterior ausicular muscle and occipital bely of occipitofrontalis)
9 gives off branch to  posterior belly of digastric muslce and stylohyoid
10 enters parotid gland
11 devies into upper temporofacial and lower cervicofacial branches
12 facial nerve terminates as 5 branches, temporal zygomatic, marginal mandibular and cervical branches wich supply muscles of facial expression
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