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issue  /'ɪʃu: / || /'ɪʃju:/ , /ɪsju:/  sustantivo

   1. countable (subject discussed) tema , cuestión , asunto m;
      to take ~ with sb/sth discrepar de or con algn/en or de algo

         1. uncountable (of documents) expedición f;
            (of library books) préstamo m;
            (of tickets) venta f
         2. uncountable or countable (of stamps, shares, bank notes)emisión
         3. countable (of newspaper, magazine) número
in the latest issue of my local paper

2 verbo transitivo (give out) ‹statement/report› hacer(conj.⇒) público;publicar
‹instructions› dar(conj.⇒);
‹guidelines› establecer(conj.⇒);
‹tickets/visas› expedir(conj.⇒);
‹library books› prestar;
‹bank notes/stamps/shares› emitir;
‹summons› dictar;

IIverbo transitivo
1   (dinero) emitir
2   (una revista) publicar
3   (billetes, documentos) expedir
4   (instrucciones) dar
5   (provisiones, armas) distribuir, repartir
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Author: sarapalacio
Main topic: Englisch
Topic: Vocabulary
School / Univ.: Privat
City: pamplona
Published: 01.03.2010




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