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Individual and experimental differences for L1 and L2 readers
1. Differing levels of L1 reading abilities
students who are weak in L1 literacy abilities cannot be expected to transfer many supporting resources to L2 reading contexts

2. Differing motivations for reading in the L2
varying underlying attitudes toward L2 reading: often linked to past educational experiences in L1 + L2 contexts

3. Differing kinds of texts in L2 contexts
L1 +L2 readers are likely to have different experiences with various text genres: they develop diverse approaches to the range of texts they encounter

4. Differing language resources for L2 readers
there are unique + distinct resources for L2 students: bilingual dictionary, glosses, translation, cultural background resources in L2 contexts
neither of these resources is typical for L1 literacy learning
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Author: isipixi
Main topic: Teaching
Topic: Reading
Published: 18.05.2010




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