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All main topics / Medizin / Hygiene & Infektionslehre / Hygiene M13
Virushepatitis - Risikofaktoren für Chronifizierung
Hep B *>90% in newborns; <5% in adults

Hep C

VIRUS - Genotype, Molecular variants
HOST - Age, Gender, Genetic polymorphisms, Immune response
ENVIRONMENT - Alcohol, Co-infections (HDV, HIV), Carcinogens

Factors for elevated risk of cirrhosis / HCC
- Transfusion / hemophilia
- Age >40 at time of infection
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Author: John patzer
Main topic: Medizin
Topic: Hygiene & Infektionslehre
School / Univ.: Meduni Graz
Published: 04.03.2016




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