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All main topics / BWL / Human Side of Innovation / HSI - Core
Amabile's KEYS scale
1. Organizational encouragement (encouragement of creativity)
An organizational culture that encourages creativity through the fair,
constructive judgment of ideas, reward and recognition for creative
work, mechanisms for developing new ideas, an active flow of ideas and a shared vision of what the organization is trying to do

2. Supervisory encouragement (encouragement of creativity)
A supervisor who serves as a good work model, sets goals appropriately, supports the work group, values individual contributions, and shows confidence in the work group

3. work group supports (encouragement of creativity)
A diversely skilled work group in which people communicate well, are open to new ideas, constructively challenge each other‘s work, trust and help each other, and feel committed to the work they do

4. Sufficient resources (resources)
Access to appropriate resources, including funds, materials, facilities, and information

5. Challenging work (pressures)
A sense of having to work hard on challenging tasks and important projects

6. Freedom (autonomy or freedom)
Freedom in deciding what work to do or how to do it; a sense of
control over one‘s work

7. Organizational impediments (Organizational impediments to creativity)
An organizational culture that impedes creativity through internal
political problems, harsh criticism of new ideas, destructive internal
competition, an avoidance of risk, and an overemphasis on the status quo

8. Workload pressure (pressures)
Extreme time pressures, unrealistic expectations for productivity, and distractions from creative work
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Author: Florian
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Human Side of Innovation
School / Univ.: TU Berlin
City: Berlin
Published: 13.07.2013




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