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All main topics / Business Economics / Behavior, Managment and Organisation / BMO
Leone thinks that because her employee Josef went to an Ivy League college he is very
knowledgeable, and always asks his opinion on the firm’s investments. In reality, Josef knows
very little about investing, but makes sure he reads up on it so that he can give an informed
opinion to Leone. What has occurred in this situation?
A) profiling
B) a self-fulfilling prophecy
C) a self-serving bias
D) the fundamental attribution error
E) a projection event

p.180 and p.181 downward (definition)

Self-fulfiling prophecy= a situation in which a person inaccurately perceives a second person, and the resulting expectations cause the second person to behave in ways consitent with the oroginal perceiption

-> kurz in deutsch: weil wir wissen ,das leute etwas bestimmtes von uns erwarten, zB das wir schlau sidn weil wir Abi haben versuchen wir ihre Erwartungen "zu entsprechen" und drücken uns zB gepflegt aus, obwohl wir vielleicht gar nich soooo schlau sind, wir versuchen also die Prophezeiung die Leute von uns haben selbst zu erfüllen
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Author: Elisa
Main topic: Business Economics
Topic: Behavior, Managment and Organisation
School / Univ.: Hanze Hogeschool
City: Groningen
Published: 14.02.2010




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