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PROJ 598 Full Course Project
PROJ 598 Full Course Project

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Product Description

The course project for PROJ598 consists of three parts, which provide familiarization to processes associated with contract and procurement management.

•         Part 1 (PP1) of the Course Project focuses on the first section of the RFP and entails selecting one of the three RFP procurement cases listed under the PP1 section and using the PP1&2 - Course Project RFP template document in the Doc Sharing area to develop information to support section one of the RFP.

•         Part 1 (PP2) of the Course Project entails completing the remaining sections of the RFP by developing a comprehensive document that could be submitted to a vendor.

•         Part 3 (PP3) covers all of the TCOs but touches mainly upon textbook Chapters 9 through 12. You will be required to identify an opportunity through https: and follow the instructions, which are located in the Doc Sharing section.

This three-part project provides an overview of the processes and material that are used to develop a RFP as well as address relevant questions that could result from contract and procurement management.
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