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Dupuytren's Contracture (Palmar
what happens?
where does it come from?
in wich gender and in which age doesi happen?
how do u treat it?
it results from progressive thickening and contracture of the palmar fascial bands which eventually causes flexion deformities of the fingers, usually in the fourth and fifth digits. as it thickens it   "shrinks" and produces a tightness in hand. It is an
autosomal dominant condition occurring more commonly in patients with diabetes, alcoholism, or epilepsy. Its incidence is higher in men and increases after age 45. Initial treatment is a corticosteroid injection into the thickened area of the palmar fascia, but if the hand cannot be placed flat on a table or,
especially, when significant contracture develops
at the PIP joints, surgery is usually indicated.
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Published: 08.02.2010




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