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making you feel great respect and admiration, and sometimes fear
an awe-inspiring figure
awe /ɔː/

to be/stand in awe of somebody/something
to admire somebody/something and be slightly frightened of them/it
While Diana was in awe of her grandfather, she adored her grandmother.
awesome man  /ˈɔːs(ə)m/

   1.      very impressive and sometimes a little frightening

      an awesome task/responsibility/power
      Synonyms : respected, praiseworthy, heroic, admirable, noteworthy
   2.      informal extremely good. This word is used mainly by young people.
      Synonyms: excellent, exceptional, high-grade, superlative, good...

to take/assume responsibility
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Author: sarapalacio
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Published: 01.03.2010




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