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Threshold Hypothesis (Jim Cummin)
Lesen in L2 hängt von Sprachkompetenz in L2 ab
well developped L1 = condition for success in school, especially in foreign language learning
- L2 proficiency plays a large role as a foundation for L2 reading
- if students cannot read well in their L1 , they will be unable to read
  will in their L2
- enough L2 knowledge (vocab., structure) needs to be known so that
  L1 reading strategies and skills can be used effectively to help
  comprehend the L2 text
- language knowledge is more important than L1 reading abilities
- threshold will vary depending on the reader, the text and the topic

Lesen in L2 hängt von Lesefähigkeit der L1 ab
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Author: isipixi
Main topic: Teaching
Topic: Reading
Published: 18.05.2010




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