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All main topics / Designtheorie / Information Design / Design Theory
List the 8 graphic tools (after Hansen) and name one or two characteristics for each
1. Circle
- Characteristic: continuous or broken line, starts and ends at same point
- Represents: wholeness, an element, system, concept
- Function: enclose an area, boundary, span

2. Square
- Characteristic: 90° corners
- Represents: container for information, facts
- Function: contain text, relationship between elements

3. Square with rounded edges
- Characteristic: rounded edges
- Represents: setting, situation, location, context
- Function: contain / hold element, system, concept

4. Triangle
- Characteristic: 3 sides, ends at the angles
- Represents: 3 aspects of sth
- Function: point of departure, comparisons, contrasting, structure

5. Line
- Characteristic: straight, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved, broken, arrow
- Represents: connection, boundary, separation,
- Function: connecting, system, time-line

6. Point
- Characteristic: small, large, simple, complex, textured, single, multiples
- Represents: a point in time, lists, sign
- Function: focus, attention, make a point, emphasize

7. Fuzz
- Characteristic: dark, scribbled lines
- Represents: unknown, idea, undeveloped
- Function: mark sth unknown, not yet defined

8. Combinations (2 or more)
- Represents: complexity, stages, evolution, perspectives, difference
- Function: complex wholes, structure, connections (e.g. Mind-Map), planning, organization
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Flashcard info:
Author: Anna Mar
Main topic: Designtheorie
Topic: Information Design
School / Univ.: Macromedia Hochschule
City: Hamburg
Published: 08.07.2014




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