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Wordstop Free - The anti word game!
Are you ready for a unique game on the App Store? Well Monster Mobile Marketing has uncovered one with a fresh new concept in the world of word games called Wordstop - The anti word game. In Wordstop, unlike any other word game out there your goal is to force your opponent into creating words. In its simple layout similar to other word games out there, Wordstop deploys a great strategic challenge along with a one of a kind game play concept. In this turn based game you'll go back and forth against an opponent where you must literally avoid spelling a word while setting them up with letter chains to back them into a corner and force them to complete one. Pick your opponents via Facebook, email, or by random to begin word battles where you'll enjoy hours of entertainment. Built with some neat features in Wordstop Free that you'll certainly enjoy are the bombs which when used will eliminate letters that aren't valid before taking your turn that will give you an edge in surviving against your opponent. Another good feature is the Word Wizard which can be used at the end of a game to reveal word possibilities and build up your vocabulary against future players. With over 150,000 words featured you'll be sure to have more than enough non stop entertainment that will last for quite some time. Overall I found Wordstop Free to be a highly unique, breath of fresh air app that you don't normally see in the App Store these days in terms of being a one of a kind game. Having the ability to challenge friends & family via Facebook, email, or just simply choose a player at random really opens up the game to allow you to play at all times against opponents. The one thing I noticed throughout game play is that you can't delete previous matches that will eventually load up your opponent screen but this is a minor bump in the road as you do have the ability to keep track of your stats. Wordstop Free - The anti word game is hot off the press and was just released today to the App Store so make sure to click the iTunes link below and download this unique word game adventure today.
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Author: freddywong
Main topic: Computer
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Published: 08.05.2019




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