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Mobile Technology (5 Cards)

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Clickers are a small wireless device that is connected to the classroom interactive white board. This device can be provided to all students to use. All students can privately participate with the teacher by imputing their personal responses to questions the teacher has provided. (Smartboards have this device)

For example:

Teacher may give a mathematics question, and have students input their answer through their clickers. Live statistics of classroom activity and answers can be reviewed right away. Not only can students answer questions to their own discretion and comfort but the teacher can also review classroom readiness.
Cloud Computing
data collecting or saving data via internet digital storage. Cloud services are provided by internet servers. This is a benefit in helping computer users to not have to install additional hardrives. Also, cloud services allow you to access your data anywhere you go.

Students may register cloud services affiliated with the teachers accound. Here they may hand in assignments. Therefore, assignments can be handed in digitally through more flexible timing. Also, teacher's may not have to carry huge amounts of paper home for marking.
WordPress/Tumblr/Mahara, etc.
All are easy to use templates for creating personal blogs and websites. They can be shared publicly. HTML knowledge can be used but is not necessary. They template programs it uses is intuitive enough so that you may do what you desire through clicking on different options

Such blog templates sites can be easily accessed. They are free and a great way to students to do projects. Also since it can be shared publicly, students can share to other students easily and have teachers access this the work anywhere internet is available.

Mobile phone/table applications have things like wordpress. Here students can blog on the fly where internet is available. Therefore instead of doing at school computers or home computers, they may blog and post outside of those areas
NFC-Near Field communication
a special hardware/software chip that helps communicate and transfer data via radio communication. Similar to bluetooth, or wifi. Rather than turing NFC on or off. The device should know when it can be used or not. NFC is only capable when touched, or brought to close proximity to other NFC capable devices.

Like bluetooth NFC is able to data transfer, photos, website links, etc. via wireless connection. But, NFC enhances that experience by having the phones/devices touch each other. There becomes a physical appeal to the hardware and software. Therefore, it can enhance the experience of collaborative learning during a lesson plan. It's easy to use as well.
bluetooth is a wiresless type of technology that helps transfer data between devices easier. It replaces data cables between devices so that students are able to share via short wireless distances.

Students can bring devices with bluetooth capability. Here, with certain lesson plans and activities, students can share audio files, photos, website links that are tied with the lesson itself!
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