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EDIT 202 - Week 11 (5 Cards)

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An iPad is light, slim tablet that can be synched to any Apple product which makes transferring information very easy. You can download apps onto it, which can be both fun and educational. In a K-12 classroom setting I would use these for my students for anything from games to projects to homework. You can put educational applications on them so that they can learn concepts as well as be engaged. I think iPads would be a great addition to my class room at any grade level.
Make your own Apps
Apps (Applications) are programs that you load onto your computer, tablet or smart phone that help you do tasks easier or things that are just for fun. These alone in a classroom would be great to create a fun, interactive and engaging environment, but when you have the ability to make your own apps, it takes learning to a whole new level. Teachers can now create their own apps that are perfectly tailored to what they are teaching. They can also allow their students to make their own. Which would be a great learning experience for them, and these personalized apps can really help them learn.
Quick Response codes
Quick Response codes are codes that can be scanned by smartphones and other mobile devices and by doing so, it can take you to a website, or written text. These would be a great way for me to engage students of any age, because these codes are very easy to scan and it takes you to relevant information that is useful for the class. An idea I thought of to use these would be a scavenger hunt in my classroom. There would be QR codes around the class and when they scanned it, it would give them a hint, or a question which would lead them to another QR code. This is a really great way to let them play a game, but have them learning at the same time.
Surveys are a series of questions that can be asked to any audience on any subject matter that you need. They can be long or short, and you can make questions to get feedback or information from your audience. In a classroom setting I can see myself using these in conjunction with smartphones, tablets or laptops. I could ask my students to fill surveys out for year end feedback, in class questions, or general ideas. If I am teaching new subject matter and I want to know if my students are understanding it, I can get them to fill out a survey that I made to see how much they understand and what I need to spend more time on. I would definitely use surveys in my classroom because they are fast and easy and give me great information to work with.
Smart Phones
Smart phones are cellular phones that have certain features that make them very "smart" and informative. You can easily retrieve information from the internet and can also use apps. Despite the fact that most students with cell phones do have smart phones, I don't believe that it would be a good idea to make it mandatory that every child have one. If they have one it will make answering survey questions and downloading apps a lot easier, but for those who don't have one they could simply use a laptop or tablet. If they do not have one of these technologies then they could simply borrow one from the school. Smart phones are very fast and great for in class use due to the fact that they are so fast and user friendly. I could ask them to download an app that I want them to use in class, and they could have it downloaded in a matter of minutes. As well as with survey, they can easily go online and answer the questions and I could get the results minutes later.
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Published: 25.11.2012
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