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Five Pieces of Mobile Technology (5 Cards)

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Can create flash cards, study guides and quizzes
learners can access from their mobile devices
a variety of users can use it
students between classes can commute

-Students can create their own study notes and way that can help them study for a test
-it makes it a fun visual learning aspect for students of K-12 or for kindergartens they can make photos and pictuers
-This can be handy as well because students can take notes they may not have been able to put in in time during class so between classes they can add in notes.
Story Kit App
It allows children to edit or make their own story ending
they can change a story that has already been made and make it read on a different characters point of view eg. Three Little Pigs

I really think this would be great for all grades it allows students to be imaginative and creative.  Maybe they didn't like the ending to a story and wanted to make it a different one. I think this allows children to be more free with their ideas and minds.
Using a puppet students can create pod casts or stories
Can be sent using Facebook, email or Twitter

I think this is great for younger age levels especially Kindergarteners.  This gives them control of stories they may want to create.  It provides them the digital aspect instead of using it in a classroom setting.  It can be easily saved and shared with everyone. 
QR code Generators
Bar codes that can be read by any mobile device
reveal a URL or a code
Most companies use this as a quick way to get into their sites
-This can be a great way for students to get involved using their phones
-It provides fast access for them to scan a QR code and their phone or mobile device will take them straight to the website they need or to that URL
-QR codes are useful and they are easy to notice and students have their mobile devices handy to detect the QR code
Student create tours about various places in the city
They then can share what they know about the history of the city
They can also share it when others visit their cite

I think this is fun because students can share a fun fact about their favorite park, building or they can even share about their favorite spot to others.  It can be shared  however they want and they can say whatever they want. I think this is also a great learning tool because it encourages children to explore a piece of history in their city to others.
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Published: 26.11.2012
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