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CLC Help Desk General Knowledge (58 Cards)

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Where is the book return located for returning books after hours?
On the outside wall of IKBLC, about 15 feet to the right of the main entrance (when facing IKBLC from outside).

Click here to see a picture of the return box
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Who is responsible for contact for the flatscreens in IKBLC?
Our one and only Steph! These screens are called the Portraits of Learning (PoL) and more information is available on the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre's website. If people have questions about this, please give them Steph's card and also direct them to the PoL page PoL page for submission guidelines.
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Someone is having trouble with Refworks. Where can I send them?
If someone has some general questions about Refworks (how to use it, how to set up an account), feel free to send them to the Reference Desk.

However, if someone is experiencing problems or technical issues with Refworks, the best bet is to have them email the Refworks support listserv:

This is staffed by a group of UBC Librarians who specialize in Refworks issues (including Julie!) and a patron can expect to hear a response within 24 hours or so. 
Do you offer tours of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre?
Tour requests for large groups can be directed to Simon Neame (, Assistant Director of the Learning Centre.

For individuals who wish to have a tour, there are a few options:
  • We have self-guided tour sheets located in the file drawer of the CLC Desk
  • We have an online tour available on the IKBLC Website.
I just noticed a sign on the wall.  Is that alright?
No.  Signs must only be placed on the glass to the side of the doors as we’ve had problems in the past of walls being damaged and needing to be repainted from people posting signs on the walls.  If you find a sign on the wall, please carefully take it down.  If it removes paint, keep it and let Stephanie know, as the event organizer will be contacted.

Also, please note that signs cannot be placed on the glass entry/exit doors of the CLC due to UBC Policy 120: Posting of Posters, Notices and Signs. If someone places a sign on our doors (i.e. because they have a workshop in the Dodson or Lillooet room), you can politely let them know you need to move it just to the side of the door because it's a UBC policy not to have signs on the exit doors.

Click here to see an example.
Can you help me find out the id # of my iClicker?
Yes!  Use the USB iClicker receiving station (in the credenza on the Dodson side of the desk) and the Mac, as shown in training and/or desk shadowing.
A patron asks, “Can I book something for the Dodson or Lillooet room?”
It depends what kind of event they’re planning.  

The Lillooet Room is available for events that directly support student learning and that are open to the public and of broad general interest. 

The Dodson Room is primarily available for library related workshops and events.

You can direct them to the Learning Commons website, under the "Workshop Space" tab for more information on booking the Lillooet Room.

As indicated on the website, Stephanie is the contact for room booking inquires—copies of her business card are available at the CLC desk and you are welcome to pass them on to patrons. 
How do I access the wireless Internet if I'm not a UBC student?
Select the “ubcvisitor” network.  This network allows access to UBC’s network simply by providing your email address and agreeing to UBC’s terms of service.

Please note that access to the ubcvisitor network does not grant patrons access to library indexes and databases. They need to login to a library workstation for this. Visitors can pick up a login ID from the circulation desk.
What is the difference between "flip on long edge" and "flip on short edge" when printing double-sided on a PC?
Flip on long edge will print the pages so that you flip them like you would a book.  Flip on short edge prints them so that your flip them like you would a calendar.

Hint: Flip on long edge is best when trying to print a regular double-sided document on portrait orientation whereas was flip on long edge is best for printing documents on landscape orientation double-sided.
How do I print double-sided on a PC?
1. Select File -> Print -> Preferences

2. Under “Print on both sides,” select either “Flip on long edge” (to print double sided as you would for a book) or “Flip on short edge” (to print double sided as you would for a calendar).
How do we request shift changes?
1. Send an email to noting the time and date you need switched.  This emails the whole team.

2. Once someone has offered to switch your shift, email again to let everyone (most notably Steph) know what change is being made.

3. Make sure to update the schedule in Google Docs.
How do I call an off-campus number from the phone at the desk?
Dial 9 and then the number (including the area code, but not the country code). 

For example to call 604-123-4567, you would dial 9-604-123-4567.
How do I burn a .iso/.dmg disk image to a CD/DVD?
Macs can do this right out-of-the-box, but PCs require special software.  Since we do not have this special software you’ll need to use one of the Macs to do this.

Background Info:

A .iso or .dmg file are what are called “disc images.”  They cannot be opened/edited directly but must first be “mounted” by the Operating System.  In the same way you cannot read the contents of a normal disc (ie: CD, DVD) until it’s been inserted and read by the disc drive, you cannot access the contents of a disc image until it’s been double-clicked and “mounted” by the Operating System (or third party software).

To do this on a Mac:

1. Insert a blank CD or DVD into the CD/DVD drive.

2. Open the application "Disk Utility."  To do this, open up Finder.  Open the "Applications" folder and then the "Utilities" folder.  Double click on "Disk Utility."

3. Click "Burn."

4. Select the iso/dmg file you want to burn and click on "Burn."

5. A dialogue pops up.  Ensure "Burn Disc In" is set to "SuperDrive" and click on "Burn."

6. A progress bar comes up.  Wait until this completes.  The disc will automatically eject when burning is complete.  (You can put the disc back in to make sure it all went okay.)
Can I burn a downloaded file onto CD/DVD on any of the computers?
Yes, both the Macs and PCs can do this. 

If a machine is not burning the disc correctly, ask the patron to try another machine and if needed call the Library Systems Help Desk.
I keep saving a file on one of the Macs and I can't find it.  What do I do?
Check both the “Downloads” and the “Documents” folder.  The item you are downloading is likely in one of these two places.

See example here.
Why are there no math tutors in the math tutoring area?
Math Tutors are generally available from 8am-4pm daily. For more detailed information, check the Math Tutoring Schedule. If there are no tutors available, and according to the schedule there should be, let Steph or Julie know and they will follow up with the Math Tutoring Coordinator.
Why won't the lights turn on in the Dodson Room or the Lillooet Room?
When the lights are first turned on, it takes several seconds for the bulbs to heat up and start emitting light.  It then takes several more seconds for them to reach full brightness.  As long as the little lights by the light switches have turned from green to red, you should be good.  If all the lights come on except for one, it is likely burnt out.  Please let Steph know.

Finally, if someone has hit the lights on and off a few times trying to figure this out, give the system a few minutes to 'reset' then try again.
A patron asks, "Can I use your phone?  Where is the nearest pay phone located?"
There is a pay phone located at the front of the building to the right of the main doors (when facing out of the building). If someone is really desperate, they can use the phone for a quick phone call, but generally people should use the pay phone and not ours.

Click here to see where payphone is located
A patron asks, “How can I apply to work at the CLC Help Desk?
Julie does the hiring for the CLC Desk in April for the upcoming year, and information is usually posted on the CLC website around early March.

People often ask how to apply for other jobs in the library as well. All student library positions can be found at
What do we do if the photocopier outside the Commons breaks down after hours?
Call Copy Services and leave a message if it is after hours.  Suggest that the patron use the copier inside the Commons.
Where is the closest fax machine?
CopyRight in the basement of the SUB.  Please see their website for hours and more information.
Does the Circulation Desk make change for copy cards or parking?
Yes.  There is also a change machine located across from the circulation desk. 

Note that if a patron would like a copy card, but doesn't have cash, the circulation desk also has pre-loaded copy cards which can be purchased via debit or credit card.
Can I renew a book when none of the UBC libraries are open?
Yes. Assuming there have been no recalls on the loaned item and it is not a reserve item, you can renew it at  Look for "Renew Books (login)" under "My Account" on the main page.
A patron asks, “Do you have an envelope I can have?”
We don’t carry envelopes at the desk.  Stationary items (including envelopes) can be purchased at the stationary vending machine just outside the commons through the rightmost door.  Additionally, stationary items can be bought at the UBC Bookstore, the Outpost in the SUB or Staples in the village.
A patron asks, “Can you call a cab for me?”
This won’t happen often, but if it does, the number for Yellow Cab is 604-681-1111.
What do I do when the printer downstairs is out of paper or broken?
This printer is looked after by the Circulation Desk.  When they are open, simply call them (2-8149) and let them know it needs maintenance.  If the Circulation Desk is closed, please pop down and refill the paper

If the problem cannot be solved quickly, put up an out-of-order sign, ask the patron to use the upstairs printer and email Steph so she can contact Copy Services.

Please note that the printer by Ike’s Café and in the CLC are on the same print server. This means that jobs sent from the computers downstairs can be printed in the CLC and vice versa.

This also means, however, if the print server is down in our area, it will also be out of order downstairs. In this situation, please direct the patrons to use the printers in the library bookstacks, located by the reference desk on levels 3 and 4.
A patron asks “Can you tell some people to be quiet for me?”
The Chapman Learning Commons is intended to be a place for dialogue and discussion, not a quiet study area. If someone is bothered by noise from other patrons, please let them know about the quiet/silent study spaces available in the Ridington Room and Musquem Reading Room.  You can also give the quiet/silent study bookmarks.

Finally, there are earplugs available in the vending machine located just outside the CLC, which may also be useful.
What is the role of security staff while closing the CLC?
As a CLC Assistant, it is your role and responsibility to clear patrons out of the CLC and insure the doors are locked. Security staff have been asked to come upstairs prior to closing to check if the CLC Assistant on duty requires assistance closing.

Unless you are experiencing problems with patrons leaving, please do not allow security staff to clear the CLC for you. If security come upstairs and start kicking people out, you can politely let them know that you are happy to take care of closing on your own. Security staff have to clear people out of the library bookstacks area during close, so there is sometimes confusion--particularly if there is a new security staff member on shift.
How do students register their iClicker number for their class
You can register your iClicker in any WebCT Vista course. Just look for the link that says "Register your Clicker."
Is there a change machine in Barber?  Where can I get change?
Yes.  A change machine is located across from the Circulation Desk (i.e., go through the doors to the Circulation Desk and then turn right).  It is not accessible after the bookstacks has closed.

If the bookstacks has closed, suggest going to Ike's Cafe, or the SUB for change.
Are there computers somewhere that have 3.5 inch floppy drives?
Yes.  The computers in the bookstacks on levels 3 & 4 of IKBLC have floppy drives.
What should I do if people try to take chairs out of the Learning Commons or rearrange the chairs?
Occasionally, patrons may take chairs out of the Learning Commons into the Qualicum Reading Room. Generally, this is hard to monitor, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be sure there are enough chairs left for the tutoring services--particularly at the Writing Centre tables.
2. Please do not allow people to move the large brown comfy chairs out of the CLC. These are heavy and could cause injury to the person carrying them.
3. If people are rearranging chairs in the CLC, be sure the arrangement does not disrupt the flow of traffic or block a fire exit.

Particularly during the evening shift, it is good to take a few sweeps through the Qualicum Room to get CLC chairs that have been taken out of the CLC (the one without students in them!)
A patron asks, “Can I access Library journals, indexes and databases from my laptop as an alumni?”
Unfortunately, not.  Due to the way license agreements for these are structured, alumni may only access library indexes and databases (including e-journals) from library workstations. They are however able to search the catalogue for books.

We recently negotiated for Alumni to have access to Refworks, which is one exception. For more information on Alumni access, go to UBC Library homepage > Services for you > Alumni
A patron asks, “Will you help me with my paper?" (ie: help me find articles, help me proofread, etc.)
On occasion, student may ask for your help at the desk proofreading a paper or finding articles for research. It is essential in these situations to know who to refer the patron to:

  • For any type of research, including finding books or articles, refer them to the Reference Desk
  • For proofreading or grammar questions, refer them to the Writing Centre.  While the Writing Centre does not provide proofreading assistance per se, they will give students feedback on their paper and help them become a better writer.

Particularly with respect to research questions, please do refer these questions, even if you think you may be able to answer the question yourself. The Reference Librarians work closely with professors and know the inside scoop regarding student term papers and assignments.
A patron asks you for help/advice on (illegally) downloading music.  What do you do?
This rarely happens, but when it does it can be a bit tricky.

While our role is not one of policing what people do on the computers, as employees of the library we would not want to provide actual assistance in this type of activity (i.e., we would not want to provide recommendations for the "best" file-sharing sites or actually walk them through the process, etc.). 

One strategy that works well if directly asked for help illegally downloading is to just feign ignorance.  For example, you could say something like "Oh I don't know sir, I always just get my music through iTunes or Amazon's MP3 Download service").

Of course, if the question is not about the actual downloading of music but is about something technical like say "how do I transfer these MP3 files to a USB drive" we can provide assistance with this (again our role is not a policing role and we can give them the benefit of the doubt that the MP3s were obtained legally).

EDITOR-NOTE: Check with Julie.
A patron asks you for help on their computer and you notice they've "written" their paper using a paper mill.  What do you do?
For those who don't know, a paper mill is a database of pre-written papers that can be purchased for the purposes of handing them in as if they were your own (i.e., plagiarizing).  Using them is entirely unacceptable at UBC.

This rarely arises, but when it does, it's pretty awkward.  Our role at the CLC is not a policing role and so it's up to you if you even say anything.  However, students involved in such an activity are at a very high risk of being caught and suspended.  Therefore, it would be in their best interest if you said something in the way of discouraging them from using a paper mill.

The best approach here is to not take an accusatory ("what you're doing is wrong") type approach, but to talk to them as a friendly fellow student.  Remind them that,
  • Although writing papers can be difficult at first, there are many resources available to help them (Writing Centre, Research Rescue).
  • Most professors run their papers through anti-plagiarism software such as  These software programs are aware of paper mills and index them as part of their plagiarism checking (in fact, they even buy articles from the mills to index the full text of the papers!).
  • The consequences of being caught are just not worth it.  To see some of the results of student misconduct, check out the 2008-2009 Student Discipline Annual Report

For more information, checkout the Academic Integrity Resource Centre on the CLC website.
How do I setup double-sided printing on the PC at the desk?
Currently, we are unable to print double sided from the desk PC, but we can print double-sided on the MACs.
How do I log on to the library workstations if CWL is down?
If the CWL is down, patrons can still login using their library barcode and PIN.  The barcode is located on their UBCcard.
How do I print double-sided on a Mac?
1. Go to File -> Print

2. Make sure the print dialogue is expanded.  If it seems really small, click the downward-facing arrow next to the selected printer.

3. Select “Layout” from the drop down menu in the middle of the dialogue.

4. Select “long-edge binding” (for book-style flipping) or “short-edge-binding” (for calendar-style flipping) from the “Two-Sided” drop-down menu.
A patron asks, “Can I leave something for someone to pickup at the desk?”
No.  We do not provide this service and cannot be held accountable for other peoples’ belongings.
Is there a paper cutter in IKBLC that I can use?
Yes, there is one located on level 2 across from the Circulation Desk by the change machine.
What is my library barcode and PIN?
A patrons' library barcode is located on the back of their UBCcard and begins with 29424.

If they've forgotten their PIN it can be reset at the Circulation Desk.

If the Circulation Desk is closed, it can be reset online at  Please note it can take up to half an hour for the change to be processed.
What should I do when the book stacks alarm goes off? 
Wait for a few minutes.  Normally someone from the book stacks will look after this.  If the alarm goes on for more than 2 minutes, call Security at 2-2222.
I'm running late. What should I do?
Call the desk (604-827-3909).  If it's a morning shift, call Steph (604-827-5949).  (It would be a good idea to add these to your cellphone if you have one).
Can I drop off a book I loaned from a different UBC library at IKBLC?
Yes, as long as the book is not a reserve or interlibrary loan item, you can return any book borrowed from a UBC Library branch to the IKBLC book return.
The after hours drop box is locked.  Why?
It is locked when the bookstacks are open and unlocked when they are closed. This is so people will use the main drop off area when it is open.
Is there a pop machine/candy machine in IKBLC?
No.  The closest places to get food are IKE’s, the SUB, and Tim Horton’s/White Spot.  The closest vending machine is at the SUB.
Is there a microwave in IKBLC for student use?
Yes! It's located in Ike's cafe--to the right of the counter, if you were standing in the lineup.
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Somebody just left a bunch of their own non-library pamphlets in the publications stands.  What should I do?
If they’ve already left, just remove them from the stands and recycle them.  If they are still here, let them know that they are welcome to leave items on the pamphlet stand on the north side of the lobby, near the front doors.

Click here to see location of publication stand.
Should I let security close for me if offered?  What if people are late leaving the CLC?
CLC Assistants are ultimately responsible and accountable to close and lockup the Chapman Learning Commons. Unless there is an unusual circumstance, please do not let security close the CLC for you.

If there is an exceptional circumstance (i.e. a patron who won’t leave) and security does need to close the CLC on your behalf, please email Stephanie immediately to let her know.
Where can I load my print card if I don't have cash?
In IKBLC, you can purchase preloaded copy cards from the circulation desk using debit or credit.  There is also a change machine beside the Circulation desk if you need to make change for a larger bill.

If the IKBLC Circulation desk is closed, the Koerner Circulation desk may still be open (Check the schedule) and where you can also purchase a print card with debit or credit card.
Where are the silent and quiet rooms?  What is the difference between the silent rooms and the quiet rooms?
Silent Rooms:
  • Musqueam Reading Room (455)

Quiet Rooms:
  • Ridington Room (321; far end of the book stacks)
  • Nass Reading Room (459)

Silent rooms do not allow any talking, whispering whatsoever; quiet rooms do.  In other words, silent rooms allow no noise, quiet rooms allow very little noise.

See “quiet and silent study areas” bookmarks for info re: other UBC libraries.

A patron asks, "I plugged my external hard drive into one of the Macs but it's not displaying in Finder.  What do I do?"
Unplug the USB cable from the front-facing USB hub (the little black thing with four USB ports) and plug it directly into the Mac through one of the ports on the back right side.

Click here for an example.

Why does this work?

All USB devices that do not also plug directly into a wall socket draw power from the machine they are connected to through the USB connection itself.  Some devices (like a large external hard drive) require a lot of power and so need to be plugged directly into the Mac instead of indirectly through the USB hub that is itself connected to the Mac.
A patron has an advanced iClicker question (i.e., "How do I get iClicker data into Vista?").  Who do you direct them to?
In these cases, ask the patron to visit the desk during CTLC Help Desk hours (check the Learning Commons website for details) or email
A patron asks, "I'm a transfer student and I'd like to get acquainted with the library.  Are there any orientations or workshops I can attend?"
While there isn't a library-specific orientation as part of first week, there are several resources available that would be of interest to new students.

New to UBC - A guide to UBC orientations and resources for new students.

UBC Library Instruction Calendar - A calendar of workshops offered by the library, some of which may be interesting to new students.

Also, most 100 level courses (particularly English courses) will include an introduction to how to use the library systems as part of their curriculum.
What happens if a patron leaves his/her belongings in the Chapman Learning Commons and it is time to close?
Complete the closing procedures as you normally would.

Make sure to call/notify campus security (2-2222) that a person's belongings is in the Chapman Learning Commons.
How much does it cost to photocopy a page? To print a page in black and white? To print a page in color?
- Photocopying: 7 cents
- Printing a page in black and white: 7 cents
- Printing a page in color: 40 cents
In order to receive guest internet access, the people must be....
1. Over 19 years old (because they have to sign a contract)
2. Have government issued ID

Unfortunately individuals who do not meet either of these requirements will not be able to receive guest access.

You can get guest access at all of the circulation desks in the various libraries at UBC.
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