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The Trick to Creating Realistic Characters (6 Cards)

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Realistic Characters
Characters are a huge part of any novel as, without them, they'd be no way to watch the events unfold - reported essay writing service.

Characters are a vital part of any story and the larger the cast, the more challenging those characters are to make for the writer. Not only does the writer have to keep track of all of their characters they also need to remember their names, what they look like as well as any unique personality traits. Each character should have a small perk or oddity to them that makes them different from the rest.
Give them names you can actually pronounce – it’s normal for writers to want to make up their own names, to make those characters memorable.
However, if the name is too long or too complicated to say aloud, the only memory your readers will have of that character is being unable to read their name. This also causes your reader to pause whenever the name appears as they try to read over it again. These pauses throw your readers from the story. To keep your readers in the game, write shorter names or at least give those with hard-to-pronounce names a nickname or title.
Not everyone has blond hair and blue eyes – unless you’re creating a fantastical setting where all beings have light hair and blue eyes, your characters should have some kind of variation.
Brown, brunette, auburn, and red are just a few of the ways you can describe hair color. However, if your characters all have dark or light hair, make sure to explain the reason as to why. For example, the reason humans have different colored skin is due to their placement on the globe. Perhaps your world has something similar.
Give them flaws – let’s face it, no one’s perfect, least of all your characters.
These flaws should be obvious to your readers and something that over time, makes those characters stronger. Without flaws, how can your readers expect to relate to those they’re reading about?
Forget the clichés – girl in school gets picked on and turns out to have superpowers. It’s overdone.
Try and make your story unique by changing things up a bit. Your character can be the underdog, but they shouldn’t be able to single-handedly take care of the bad guys. Let the character get hurt, let them cry, and mourn the loss of others.
Give them nicknames – as a child, you probably went by numerous names.
So, if you have a pair of siblings in your cast or a pair of close friends, they probably won’t call one another by their real names. Nicknames offer your readers a closeness to those characters. Use them when you can to make your characters three-dimensional.
As writers, it’s our responsibility to make our characters a real as possible. This means that you’ll have to torture them a bit, hurt their family or kill a friend. It’s cruel and depending on how far you take it, inhumane, but it causes your characters to leap off the page, which is what readers like.
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