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All main topics / Computer Science / HTML

Basics of HTML (19 Cards)

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What is the FUNCTION of the Paragraph Tag when properly used in the browser??
The paragraph tag tells the browser the text in between it is a paragraph and puts two new lines above and below the text.

Click on this image link to see an example of a properly used <p> tag:
Tags: <p>, HTML, Paragraph Tag Function
Flashcard set info:
Author: AlamoCherubs
Main topic: Computer Science
Topic: HTML
Published: 04.03.2018
Tags: HTML Basics, 2018
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</h1> (1)
<body> (1)
<h1> (1)
<p> (2)
Anchor Link (2)
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Basic HTML Tutorials (1)
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Break Tag (1)
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CSS (2)
Document Structure (3)
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head tag (1)
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HTML (17)
HTML Elements Reference (1)
HTML tag (1)
Hypertext Reference Attribute (1)
Image tag (1)
Img tags & attributes (1)
Mozilla (1)
Open and Close Tags (2)
Open Header 1 (1)
Paragraph Tag Function (1)
Paragraph tags (1)
Tag (1)
Telephone Prefix (1)
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