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There are several main ways to get microloans:

In cash. In this case, money is issued through the cash desk of the company’s branch or sent to the client using the Contact service (or any other similar organization).
Bank transfer. Cashless transfers are made to the client’s card or his current account opened with the bank. In some cases, crediting to an electronic wallet is considered, but this function is not available to everyone.
Registration itself is now most often done through a special service, which allows the company to minimize staff costs and thereby make the proposals the most profitable. The client, on the other hand, will not only receive a microloan with a low interest rate, but he is also not required to go anywhere. Often, absolutely all actions go through the Internet, including crediting borrowed funds.
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Conditions for obtaining a loan without a card

A microloan on the card is not issued without confirmation, but you can receive money without payment in any other way. The main thing is to fulfill all the conditions of the selected MFI (microfinance organization):

Repayment is usually made at the end of the term of the microloan and only in certain cases there are repayment options monthly or weekly.
In case of late payment or lack of repayment, in principle very serious penalties are charged.
In the absence of customer response, the case is transferred to the collectors.
Extradition to non-citizens and minors is not allowed.
Proof of employment and financial condition is usually not required.
In some cases, a surety and / or security deposit must be provided.
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Which microloan to choose

If you want to take an urgent car loan at a minimum percentage, bring a certificate confirming income and employment, pay off active overdue loans (if any).

Get a microloan in companies in which the interest rate decreases depending on the time you use the funds. For example, in MFIs rates depending on the duration of the loan:

Up to 30 days - 0.25–2.3% per day, depending on size;
Up to 180 days - 0.2-0.55% per day;
Up to 365 days - 0.25-0.34% per day.
To increase the likelihood of a large microloan being secured, first take a small loan for a short period of time and close it in a timely manner. Having thus earned a status as a lender, you can apply for larger amounts.
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Loans best online
The vehicle remains in use of the borrower, the original is left to the lender. A car cannot be sold or exchanged until the auto loan is repaid. If the microloan is not repaid on time, the MFI has the right to sell the collateral and pay off the debt.

Fast mini-loans can be received on a bank card, electronic wallets or in cash through payment systems.
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Get a loan without a credit history

There can be no credit history only under one condition - a person has never borrowed before. On the one hand, this is good, which means that there are no debts in other financial organizations page, but on the other hand, the company simply does not know what to expect from this client. Even a poor credit rating is an indicator, but what if there is none at all? In such a situation, it is best to take express microloans where the credit history is a gift and only then, after receiving the cherished record, you can go to the organization that you liked from the very beginning.
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