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All main topics / BWL / Human Side of Innovation

HSI - Core (53 Cards)

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4 brainstorming rules according to Osborn
1. no criticism
do not criticize ideas. group members should not evaƶuate ideas in any way during the generation phase.

2. freewheeling welcome
group members should express any idea that comes to mind, no matter how strange, weird, or fanciful. Group members are encouraged not to be constrained nor timid.

quantity desired
group members should generate as many ideas as possible. groups should strive for quantity.

combining/improving ideas encouraged
because all of the ideas belong to the group, members should try to modify and extend the ideas suggested by other members whenever possible.
Tags: brainstorming, deck 1
4 brainstorming threats
  • production blocking
  • no uninterreputed flow of thought possible; only one person can speak at one time.
  • social loafing
  • participants may not work as hard as they would alone.
  • evaluation anxiety and conformity
  • > fear that others may negatively evaluate one's ideas. members may communicate traditional or similar ideas to "fit in".
  • downward norm setting
  • > brainstorming participants sometimes tend to match their performance to that of the least productive members.
Tags: brainstorming, deck 1
6 brainstorming solutions
  • brainwriting - silently writing down ideas / taking breaks
  • nominal group technique - sharing and discussing ideas after independently writing them down
  • electronic brainstorming - type in ideas digitally while all or a sample of all ideas are viewable
  • diversification & membership change
  • trained facilitators
  • free-association exercises
  • IGI
Tags: brainstorming, deck 1
Flashcard set info:
Author: Florian
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Human Side of Innovation
School / Univ.: TU Berlin
City: Berlin
Published: 13.07.2013
Tags: Innovation
Card tags:
All cards (53)
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authentic (1)
barriers of will (1)
between teams (1)
brainstorming (3)
btc (2)
champion (3)
climate (3)
creativity (9)
deck 1 (12)
deck 2 (25)
deck 4 (8)
deck 5 (2)
deck5 (1)
Definition (1)
diversity (3)
gatekeeper (1)
hoegl (2)
implementation (1)
individual facilitators (1)
innovation (2)
inter-team (1)
kearney (1)
leadership (3)
motivation (1)
opponent (1)
opponents (1)
process (1)
promotor (2)
radical innovation (1)
relationship (3)
results (2)
roles (14)
tci (2)
team (2)
teams (5)
technological gatekeeper (1)
troika (1)
twq (3)
witte (4)
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